Volunteering In Dunstable

Volunteering In Dunstable

Volunteering in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Help vulnerable children and struggling families by volunteering in Dunstable…

Home-Start Central Bedfordshire is your local Family and Children’s Charity. From our charity’s main location in Dunstable, we provide vital support services to the whole of Central Bedfordshire including Luton. We need parents and grandparents just like you to help children and their families in the Dunstable community.

Our volunteers offer friendship and support, in return they gain useful skills, training and much more. All you need to become a Home-Start volunteer is parenting experience. Discover just some of the benefits of volunteering in Dunstable with us below and get in touch.

Voluntary Work In Dunstable

Volunteer In Dunstable

What You Can Gain From Dunstable Volunteering

Over 100 Bedfordshire parents choose to volunteer with us. Volunteering can give a real sense of fulfilment in your life. Many of our local volunteers grow on a personal level, not only in knowledge but in confidence and self-satisfaction.

It is a wonderful and rewarding experience, seeing a family you have been supporting get back on their feet! Not to mention the friendships you make with the like-minded people you meet.

Benefits Of Volunteering

Why Volunteer?

There are so many benefits to becoming a Dunstable volunteer. As a valued member of our team you can:

  • Gain useful skills
  • Get valuable experience that can enhance your CV – Some of our volunteers use their volunteer work with us as a stepping stone into a career in health and social care
  • Enjoy our fun and informative training
  • Make lots of new friends and attend our social events
  • Use your own personal experiences to help support young children, babies, parents and families in Dunstable
  • Feel a sense of achievement in helping a local family through a difficult time
  • Grow in confidence through your voluntary work and learn new personal skills
  • Give back to the Dunstable community and improve the lives of local children
  • Have an enjoyable and interesting way to spend some of your spare time

By volunteering in Dunstable with us, you can make the most of your own unique life experience. Learn why our charity needs the support of parents like you…

Home-Start Dunstable VolunteeringSome of our charity’s team and volunteers with Cllr Carole Hegley at the 2016 Cheering Volunteering awards at the Grove Theatre. [3 & 4]

Dunstable ASDA Donation

A donation to our charity from Dunstable Asda.

Home-Start’s Dunstable Voluntary Services

There are many families with young children in Dunstable who come to us for help. This is often for a variety of reasons such as bereavement, feelings of isolation and anxiety, ill health and disability and more. You can use your parenting experience to make a real difference to local children and parents who are in need of our help.

Our Dunstable voluntary services give friendship, support and encouragement, advice and practical help to many struggling families each year. Sharing from your own life experiences, being a shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with can make a big difference to another family just like yours, going through hardship.

There are currently 16,000 Home-Start volunteers across the UK, changing the lives of 60,000 children and their families. Join us today. “I believe there are times in life when we need help and times when we are in a position to provide help.” [1]

Volunteer Training

You will be invited to an induction held in Dunstable for your convenience. Here you will meet other new volunteers and be welcomed to our charity. Our inductions are always informal, friendly and from what we’ve been told very enjoyable.

At your induction, you will receive interesting, fun and useful training as well as ongoing support and guidance from our Volunteer Co-ordinators. There is no need to worry or feel nervous. We provide the cake, biscuits, tea and other refreshments, just bring yourself along.

Volunteering in Dunstable with Home-Start is an excellent way to develop your skills while making a real difference. Contact us today to find out when our next induction is starting, we look forward to talking to you.

[1] What could Home-Start do for you?, Dunstable Today News, March, 2015 [2] Dunstable Town Council website [3] Cheering Volunteering Awards in Dunstable 2016 [4] Central Bedfordshire Councillor Carole Hegley, Executive Member for Social Care and Housing, Dunstable Ward

Volunteering Dunstable Bedfordshire  “Dunstable Town Council is delighted to show support to Home-Start Central Bedfordshire and all the marvellous work that they do with local families across the town. Their work is important for ‘All Our Children’.”– Cllr Pat Staples, Chairman of Community Services [2]

Get In Touch

    Home-Start Central Bedfordshire
    The Annexe, Downside Neighbourhood Centre

    01582 660061

    We welcome all our new Dunstable volunteers to join us on social media and learn more about our charity.

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