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We believe that every child deserves the best start in life.

Our family and children’s charity mission is –

  • To safeguard, protect and preserve the physical and mental good health of children and parents
  • To prevent cruelty to and maltreatment of children
  • To relieve sickness, poverty and need amongst children and parents
  • To promote good parenting
  • To encourage and develop parent’s strengths and well-being for the ultimate benefit of the children
  • To encourage families to widen their network of relationships and to effectively use services within the community
  • To work towards the increased confidence and independence of families by offering support, friendship and practical assistance

That’s why our dedicated volunteers have been providing vital support services to local vulnerable families with young children since 1984!

Our Family & Children’s Charity covers Central Bedfordshire; supporting local children and empowering parents and families across the county.

Supporting Local Children

Since our charity’s formation, we have helped thousands of young children and families struggling to cope with…

  • Disabilities and additional needs including children with autism and ADHD
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Hunger, poor nutrition, neglect
  • Bereavement
  • Poverty, financial issues and unsafe environments
  • Mental ill health
  • …and more

Our support for children and families is often provided directly in the home. Children are the future and we work with families to give them the best Home-Start possible.

Early Intervention Childrens Charity

“Home-Start helped me get back on my feet after my son got seriously ill. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They are such lovely caring people who genuinely want to help.”

Vulnerable Children Non Profit Organisation

Vulnerable Children & Struggling Families

Our family and children’s charity helps families with at least one child under the age of five who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Our charity’s impact is both well recognised and measurable. Of the families supported by Home-Start studies showed that –

  • 95% of families who have received Home-Start’s support reported their children’s emotional and physical health and well-being had improved [1]
  • Children whose parents have had the support of a Home-Start volunteer have a better start in life than those who don’t* [2]
  • Children are still benefiting up to three years after their Home-Start volunteer has stopped visiting [2]

*Researchers compared three groups of parents who needed support. In one group, each family had Home-Start support. In two control groups there was no volunteer support.

All Our Children

In 2014 our family & children’s charity joined the Home-Start network in calling for all political parties to put children’s lives at the heart of policy. Launched at a Westminster reception hosted by Alastair Stewart OBE, the All Our Children manifesto outlined our belief that all children should grow up with: [3]

  • Safe places to live and play
  • Support when their parents suffer from a mental illness
  • Protection from hunger and poor nutrition

The manifesto highlighted key areas that need addressing to protect children at risk. Reaching children and safeguarding against vulnerabilities is a priority for any children’s charity.

Home-Start, like other children charities in the UK, understands the importance of early intervention. What makes us different is the variety and scale of support services we offer.

Home-Start helps local families with children living in poverty, children with disabilities, families with abusive relationships and much more. We protect children’s vulnerability and benefit the good of our community as a whole. See our charity’s news blog to find out about our latest projects.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge at Home-Start

“Dunstable Town Council is delighted to show support to Home-Start Central Bedfordshire and all the marvellous work that they do with local families across the town. Their work is important for ‘All Our Children’.” – Cllr Pat Staples, Chairman of Community Services Committee

Family Support – Reach The Parent, Reach The Child

As we all know, being a parent is not always easy! Our family support services are vital to many local parents struggling to cope with ill health, disabilities, post-natal depression, bereavement and other issues. We work with families in their homes, supporting parents with at least one child under the age of five.

Home-Start provides non-judgemental parenting help and our services are proven to work. Supported families report significant improvement in the parent’s health and well-being:

  • 94% of parents felt less isolated
  • 94% of parents said their emotional health had improved
  • 94% of parents felt their self-esteem had improved
  • 91% of parents said their physical health had improved [1]

We are grateful to Central Bedfordshire Council for their continued support of our charitable work in the county.

Family Support In Bedfordshire


[1] Making a difference for children and families Home-Start’s Social Impact Report 2014 [2] Long term changes in parenting and child behavior after the Home-Start family support program’, Jo M. A. Hermanns, Jessica J Ascher, Bonne J. H. Zijlstra, Peter J. Hoffenaar, Majaa Dekovic. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Utrecht University,

[3] Home-Start’s All Our Children Manifesto, July 2014 [4 ] The Guardian, To protect children, they must always be the priority, Anne Perkins, 15 July 2014 [5] Central Bedfordshire Council Children & Young People

Fundraising For Our Children's Charity

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We always appreciate the kindness shown by those who donate and fundraise for our non profit organisation. Visit our fundraising page to discover how you can help us give a child the best start in life.

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