Charity Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Charity Fundraising Ideas For Schools & Nurseries

Whether you are a primary school, secondary school or even nursery; it’s always the right time to teach children about charity. A great way to get pupils involved with supporting a cause is through participation in fundraising.

Here’s our list of charity fundraising ideas for schools to help you get started…

Charity Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Charity Ideas For Schools

  • Students versus teachers. Nothing motivates fundraising for a cause like a bit of healthy rivalry! Three legged races, tug of war or even classroom memory games. Collect donations for each activity
  • Put on a show. This could take the form of a talent show, fashion show or battle of the bands. You could even get some of the older students to help organise the events
  • Parents quiz night. The pupils could help create the quiz, including questions from their classroom lessons and popular culture.
  • School pantomime. Donate a percentage of ticket sales to our work with young children in Bedfordshire and Luton
  • Non uniform day. Easily one of the most popular fundraising activities for school students. Ask them to make a donation to charity and they can wear their own clothes for the day
  • Bring and buy sale. Another classic idea that you can asks students to help with. They can run stalls selling cakes, games, books and more
  • End of term games day. Students can bring in their own games for a small donation
  • Charity concert. If you have a musically talented school, put on a concert in aid of our charity.

School Fundraising For Charities

Fundraising Ideas For Teachers

  • School uniform day for teachers. Staff could donate to dress up for the day or as a forfeit for students raising a target amount
  • In the stocks. Students get to vote on which teacher they would most like to see in the stocks and throw wet sponges at
  • Baked bean bath. A timeless forfeit for losing a fundraising bet
  • A teacher talent show with student judges. This could be run in a similar format as X Factor. Ask students to donate 10p for each vote
  • Get sponsored to shave your head for our charity. Allow the student who has raised the most money to do the shaving
  • Take part in a sponsored skydive, run, cycle or more. We have organised skydives and other adventurous fundraising activities you can get involved with
  • Get creative! Don’t just stick to our charity fundraising ideas for schools. Ask your students what they can come up with.

We want all our children to grow up with safe places to live and play, support when their parents suffer from a mental illness, protection from hunger and poor nutrition.

  How To Raise Money For Charity In School

We Need Your Help

Our Bedfordshire charity needs your support. Just £15 per week enables us to provide help for a local child and their family. 

Since 1984 we have supported thousands of children and their families. Children who are affected by bereavement, disability, financial hardship, neglect, parental mental ill health and more.

The money you raise will directly help local children and their families in Bedfordshire and Luton.

“Preventative services can do more to reduce abuse and neglect than reactive services.” – Prof Eileen Munro, The Munro Report into Child Protection 2011.

  Why Fundraise In Bedfordshire

Why Fundraise For Us?

  • We are local. For more than 30 years our charity has been supporting vulnerable children and fragile families
  • You may know children or parents who have received our confidential support
  • We reach the child. Home-Start Central Bedfordshire believes in the value of early intervention. Our service is unique, providing support in the home where it is needed
  • You can make a real difference by helping us give local children the best start in life
  • Our school based projects. Our ‘Big Hopes Big Future’ project aims to help children be prepared and ready for their first day at school. Helping Hands is an education programme we deliver in local schools. It aims to help children express strong feelings without violence and practice non-violent problem-solving skills
  • We’re here to help you with your fundraising. Need more charity fundraising ideas for schools? Want materials? Just ask.

Tell us your your school fundraising idea and start supporting our charity.

School Charitable Fundraising

Children from the National Citizen Service chose to fundraise in aid of Home-Start Central Bedfordshire.

How To Raise Money For Charity In School

As well as our charity fundraising ideas for schools, there are other ways you can get involved with our non-profit organisation. Choose us as your school’s charity of the year and we can work together to help achieve your specific goals.

Charity Of The Year Partnerships

As a local charity, we would love you to choose us as your charity of the year! Our team has many years of experience working with local schools, nurseries and children centres.

We are more than happy to come and talk to staff and pupils about the important services we provide in the community.

School Assembly Resources

We have a presentation and video animations you can use for a school assembly. The presentation highlights the need for our charity in the local area and how we help. If you would like us to attend the assembly, please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to help.

Want more advice on how to raise money for charity in school or need student materials? Get in touch today.

Nursery Fundraising Ideas

The Bright Horizons Nursery & Preschool organised a children’s cinema fundraising event in aid of our charity.

“Being a nursery nurse, this charity is something close to my heart as I work with families and children every day and understand how important support is for families and young people.” – Home-Start Fundraiser

Nursery Fundraising Ideas

As a charity that supports families with young children, we our an excellent fundraising choice for nurseries. That’s why local nurseries including Kiddi Caru have donated and fundraised for our cause.

There are many ways that you can raise funds in aid of our charity, here are some of our favourite ideas…

  • Messy day. Perfect those who like mud kitchens and hand printing. Ask parents for a contribution to attend and let the children get their hands messy!
  • Artwork sale. Make unique hand painted tea towels and bags. Create xmas decorations or even a calendar. Donate a percentage of your profits to Home-Start Central Bedfordshire
  • Christmas, Easter or Halloween party. Face painting is a must!
  • Teddy bears picnic. These are great in the summer, ask for a donation to attend
  • Sports activity day. This could include a fancy dress superhero obstacle course and mummy and daddy races
  • Toy sale. A brilliant way for parents to make use of their unwanted toys while raising funds in aid of our service
  • Movie and pyjama night. Bring a donation and watch your favourite family films in comfort with popcorn.

However much your nursery fundraises, we are always grateful for your support. Tell us your nursery’s fundraising idea, we would love to help!

Talk To Us

    How To Fundraise


    We are here to help you in your fundraising efforts. Should you need help with writing a fundraising letter for parents, please let us know. Images, logo files, statements and more are available upon request.

    This is an excellent choice for collecting sponsorship donations from parents.  Simply create a page to raise money for our charity on JustGiving

    Please take care to make sure you choose Home-Start Central Bedfordshire.We are part of a network of more than 280 Home-Starts who all fundraise separately for vulnerable children in our own communities. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    If you prefer to collect sponsorship donations in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us for sponsorship forms. We are here to help.

    We would love to see our charity’s colours around your school. We can provide you with poster templates and event materials.

    If you are a teacher doing a sponsored event, we can also supply Home-Start t-shirts! Materials are subject to availability.

    Please let us know in advance of your fundraising event so that we can organise the supply and delivery of materials.

    Home-Start volunteers benefit from gaining new skills, training and much more.

    As a voluntary organisation, we are always in need of more volunteers. Please consider including our volunteering opportunities for parents in your school’s newsletter.

    Thank You For Fundraising For Charity In School

    Thank you so much for supporting our Family & Children’s Charity.

    A heartfelt thank you for your fundraising efforts from Home-Start Central Bedfordshire and the local children and families we support. To find more charity fundraising ideas for schools and nurseries, visit our charity news page, donating news and fundraising news archives.

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