Home-Start – Becky’s Story

Becky is a single mum with three children, two are teenagers and younger son James will be 2 years old in September. She was referred to Home-Start by her health visitor as she was feeling low and had just been prescribed ant-depressants.

When Home-Start was first mentioned to Becky, she was surprised that a service like Home-Start existed. Becky says “I was unsure at first about having a stranger in my home” but after having Abi, her volunteer, visit her a couple of times, Becky felt “very pleased that Abi had been introduced to her” she also says “Abi was a lifeline, she really understood what I was going through being a mum herself and I could talk honestly to her about anything”.

Abi supported Becky for 16 months, providing practical support with assisting her with dealing with paperwork, entertaining James while she got jobs done in the house and giving Becky emotional support and her friendship.

In addition to the home-visiting support Abi gave Becky and James, Becky’s Co-ordinator also managed to secure 2 year old pre-school funding for James to enable him to start pre-school in September. Becky will be using this time to attend training to prepare her for getting back into work.

Becky and Abi have built a lovely relationship and have both said that they would like to keep contact now the support has officially ended. Becky says “Abi has been a big part of mine and James’s life and I would be sad to not see her anymore. We are still going to meet up every now and again to go for a coffee or visit the park”.

The names have been changed in this personal story to maintain the families anonymity.