Support For Disabled Children – Anya’s Story

Do you believe that every child deserves support with a disability? We do.
Discover how we support disabled children like Anya’s in Central Bedfordshire.

Having a child with a disability can be isolating for the whole family. It can be hard to get out of the house, visit parks, meet new people and make friends. Attending the usual groups that other children go to is often very difficult. Anya and her eighteen month old little girl Jasmine were referred to Home-Start for help.

Jasmine had a number of medical and developmental problems. Although she had yet to receive a diagnosis, Anya had been warned that Jasmine’s development might be significantly delayed. She was understandably worried and anxious about what the future held for her daughter. Although not true Anya was struggling with the awful thought that she had caused the problems Jasmine was facing. This left her feeling depressed and apart from medical appointments, she did not often leave the house.

Disabled Children Support

Home-Start Volunteer Brigid was introduced to the family. She helped Anya with the regular exercises that her daughter had to do, went with Anya and Jasmine to medical appointments and offered other practical support. Brigid gave Anya a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. Together they attended local groups such as at the Children’s Centre and got out of the house. Brigid visited the family for some six months.

Jasmine is now able to walk with an aid and take several unaided steps. Anya had thought that may never be possible. Anya herself is feeling more positive about her daughter’s future. When Brigid visits she often sings with Jasmine and as a result they have both realized how much Jasmine loves singing and rhymes. Anya now feels far more confident about going out and enjoys taking Jasmine to a local music group and a singing group on her own.

Support For Disabled Children

Brigid says “I love visiting the family, catching up with Mum and listening to the wonderful things that she has taken her daughter to during the week. This is what it is all about, seeing them grow from strength to strength as a family. The child’s face lights up as soon as I arrive and this is so lovely to see, it shows me that she enjoys spending time with me and I can see that Mum is excited about our relationship too. I can see the great progress that this family has made since I have been visiting them and that is what keeps me going, even when things in my own life are a challenge.”

Anya says “Thank you Home-Start for helping us and giving me the opportunity to say something for Brigid. She is such a wonderful lady. Jasmine loves to play with her and she really enjoys her company. Once she came after two weeks and Jasmine started screaming with joy and ran to her. Although she was here for Jasmine at the same time she was also providing me the mental support. I was suffering from depression and I didn’t want to go out and face others. But when she started to visit my home I felt happy and she always helped me to realise that Jasmine is improving every day. In short, words can’t justify her role because she is more than a friend and family.”

Vulnerable & Disabled Children

Since our charity’s formation in 1984, we have helped thousands of young children and families struggling to cope with…

  • Disabilities and additional needs including children with autism and ADHD
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Hunger, poor nutrition, neglect
  • Bereavement
  • Poverty, financial issues and unsafe environments
  • Mental ill health

…and more.

Local Charity In BedfordshireOur support for vulnerable and disabled children is often provided directly in the home. Children are the future and we work with families to give them the best Home-Start possible.

From April 2016 – April 2017 alone, our charity supported 256 families which included 585 children through our home visiting volunteer project.

Overall 97% of families reported an improvement in the five parameters tracked which are parent’s health and well-being, children’s health and well-being, more con dent and positive parenting and improvements in the family home. We had a waiting list of families wanting support throughout the year, some of those with disabled children.

Help us support more disabled children and their families in Bedfordshire.